So what is this blog about?

Welcome! I’m so glad that a friend,  providence or a random Google search led you to me. If you’re here that means you were brought my way for a reason, so its nice to see you and I hope you stick around for a while.

My name is Dominique Nicole and I’m a writer. Writing has been a passion of mine ever since I learned how and recently I decided to share it with the world. Too long have I only shared my words with the immediate people around me. Too long have I held on to touching stories and sound advice that should be shared with whomever the universe sends my way (I’m not conceited my friends and close family tend to think I’m pretty awesome, which is really nice of them).

Why am I writing? Well, life is a winding path the oscillates between blissful and wonderful to tragically painful and down right insufferable moments that our forever etched in our psyche. The purpose of this blog is to look at how to best navigate this rocky road. How to rejoice in the successes, navigate the failures, enjoy the little things and make the large things not feel so tall. How to heal the loss, evaluate the gain and gleam the most important lessons from the situation.

Yes, this is a lifestyle blog but it is not just a place to look at envy inducing photos of someone’s body, their wanderlust lust worthy vacation or the recipes you’ll save but never make. It’s a place to discover yourself. A place to become aware of all the aspects of your life.  A place to truly journey to the essence of your womanhood, HOWEVER you define it, and actually feel good about it.

Don’t fret! It’s not all soul-searching and no fun! All work and no play makes Dominique Nicole a very dull girl. There will  be plenty of rosé and good times!

If you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU! You like me! You really like me! No but seriously. I hope that my words touch you in some way.  I don’t promise to be perfect. I don’t promise to always write something that you want to hear. I DO promise, however, to be authentic, raw and 100% real. I promise to be me.


Smooches ~

Dominique Nicole