Who is Dominique Nicole?

Who is Dominique Nicole?

Dominique Nicole is an international woman of mystery. Her exact whereabouts? Unknown. Her style? Impeccable. Her best attribute? Humor.

No, let me stop. Hello world, my name is Dominique Nicole and I’m on an everyday mission to not be the everyday girl. I am a creative spirit. I write, dance, sing, draw and have been brushing up on my instrumental abilities. I’m not an aspiring actress or anything like that at the moment, just an aspiring creative enigma. I am a Baylor Bear and I bleed Green and Gold so if you don’t, well just don’t say anything about it.

I am a Southern Girl through and through born and raised in Dallas, TX. Before you ask (1) I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. (2) I don’t care that we haven’t been to the Super Bowl in ages. (3) Dez caught that ball (4) Yes, Texas is awesome enough to be its own country (5) Cowgirl/Cowboy boots are a must have fashion accessory (5) All Texans do not know how to ride horses but I actually like to and live around the corner from an equestrian center.

Now on to the really good stuff.

I consider myself the more realistic version of Carrie Bradshaw. I’m all about chronicling my ever complicated love life and dishing out the best advice possible. I do have my very own version of Mr. Big and we are happily in love. I also have my very own version of Aiden and that is definitely a story there.

I am on a journey to heal and grow for myself, my ancestors and the generations to come after me. This causes me to reflect on the deeply embedded thoughts and practices that I have, how I came to that belief, how I can heal from those toxic thoughts and be a better example to the generations to come. I believe in being #woke but not so woke that I am actually asleep (yes that is shade to the Hotep masses).

I love fashion though not the conventional absorb whatever is on the runway and regurgitate it to the masses kind of way. I believe style will take you much further than fashion ever will. Fashion makes you trendy. Style makes you an icon. I believe in taking fashion and folding it into my own personal style to create a look that is my own. From shabby chic to glitz and glam I feel like I am at my best when I do it my own way. I love both ends of the color spectrum and everything in between. Patterns and textures make my heart sing. Statement pieces give my heart palpitations and shoes give me fever.

I am on a mission to be the best possible me and I’m definitely enjoying the ride.

How are you living yours?

Dominique Nicole