Four reasons to “let your booty do that yoga”!

Being healthy is great for your physical, spiritual and mental well being. With that being said, I am not advocating going on a crash diet to obtain industry standards of perfection, I’m just advocating taking care of self. One of my favorite ways to practice my love of self is through yoga. Yoga is in fact amazballs! I leave yoga and feel like a million bucks. So here are a few reasons why you should turn on Janelle Monae and “let your booty do that yoga”.

Low Impact

When I’m in a good mood and my joints don’t hurt I am ALL about a good jog or a kickboxing class. Unfortunately I rock ballet flats at work all week and treed back on forth on concrete floors all day. This is killer on my joints (especially considering the weight gain that my body is adjusting to). Yoga allows me to get the exercise I need while being gentle on my knees and decreasing the pain in my joints #winning.


Yoga increases your flexibility and range of motion exponentially. This is advantageous for many reasons. One being it keeps you lean and loose. Tight muscles can lead to strains when doing more strenuous workouts. Tight muscles can also lead to discomfort during the work day, especially if sitting for long periods of time and lead to tension. The next benefit is for those of us who like to dance. Have you ever noticed when you go out and you feel like you’re about to work it out but minutes into getting your flex on you feel tired and tight? Yea, that my friend are your kinked up muscles begging to be stretched. Getting in a nice yoga class the morning before will keep your moves on point the whole night through.

Mental Ease

The one thing I love most about yoga is that it is quiet. I mean, there is music playing in the background but it is light. In class you can focus on your breathing, quiet your mind and let all your mental worries float away. Mental health is so vitally important and we should all take more time to focus on it. *Tip: Just 5 – 10 mins of yoga and meditation first thing in the morning will lift your spirits, elevate your energy (spiritual and metabolic), increase your blood flow and provide a levelness in consciousness that will help you master the day.

Last, but certainly not least… Yoga Pants

I personally am an advocate of wearing normal clothes on a regular basis and to me yoga pants do not count. However, showing off the booty in yoga pants is something one simply can’t help sometimes. If I’m truly honest, sometimes I go to yoga class just to justify being in yoga pants most of the day. Hey! Don’t judge my life. I like showing off my peach and at least I got a good workout out the deal.
So ladies, I know there are a good portion of us out there who have yoga pants that have never seen a yoga class. Go ahead and pull them out the closet (or just roll on out the bed) and let your booty do that yoga. FLEX IT!