10 Things About Dominique Nicole

Hi there. Today I figured I would help you get to know me better. Since you’ll be coming by, reading my thoughts, asking me questions and seeking my advice it makes sense that you should know more about me. So here we are with a fresh of the press list of ten magnificent things about me.

I double majored in college. Yes, I was one of those people who didn’t truly appreciate my college experience and decided to spend an excessive amount of time with my nose stuck in a book. So, while a good chunk of the people I knew were living their best lives and partying I received my first B.A in Political Science and my second B.A in Philosophy. If I had to do it all again… not going to lie I would have partied a little more or at least have been more sociable. Fun fact: Baylor University only gives you one degree when you double major. If you want a second one you must order it.

Your girl is musically inclined. I’ve had a love of music since the age of three and music pretty much rules my life. I wake up singing, I go to bed singing, I even sing while brushing my teeth. However, singing is not the only way I express my musical love. Throughout the course of my life I have played piano, violin and lead guitar. These instruments coupled with being in Varsity A Cappella Choir in high school, All University Sing in college and The Women’s Chorus of Dallas in my adult life has led to an extensive musical career. I’m currently looking to get back to piano and violin lessons. I really miss the hands-on aspect of playing an instrument.

My favorite movie scene of all time is from Pretty Woman. First, I must say that I’ve seen Pretty Woman more times than should be legally allowed and that was in my childhood. I haven’t watched the movie in at least 5 years. Second, my favorite scene is kind of nerdy. It’s the scene where Roberts’ character is driving Greer back to the hotel and she says, “You know your foot’s as big as your arm from your elbow to your wrist?” I know. It is so random, but it is truly my favorite scene. I also instantly kicked off my shoe and tried it out. Was it fact or fiction? Fact. I even had a few of my friends try it out today because I was curious.

I eat a lot of Ramen. Like an insane amount of Ramen. No it isn’t really all that healthy for you, but I have a legitimate addiction.Honestly, I eat them probably several times a week and my boyfriend is-none-too thrilled about it. Having been eating Ramen since I was a child and you would think that I would be tired of it by now, but I’m not. Recently I even tried the Samyang Fire Noodle challenge. You know the World’s hottest instant noodle available on the market? It was a breeze. I am currently trying to cut down on the number of noodles that I eat as I work to become healthier and have a more balanced diet. However, I really love ramen and will probably never cut them completely out of my diet. IF you are interested in trying the spiciest instant noodles available on the market, check out this link https://www.amazon.com/Samyang-Spicy-Chicken-Flavor-Ramen

I speak a variety of languages. I should honestly say speak loosely. Since I have not practiced my language skills in such a long time I’m fairly rusty. It takes my brain more time that it should to decipher what is being said to me or what I am reading. However, the languages that I speak include English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. I have been brushing up on my skills as my boyfriend and I intend on our children being multi-lingual.

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I am terrible at social media, I mean, really bad. Understanding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat is beyond me. Especially since the follow/un-follow game is particularly petty. There are a million and one apps that do absolutely the same thing and/or you need an app to do something that should already be accessible in the current app you’re working in. Not to mention that a vast portion of social media is incredibly fake. It is extremely understandable that so many people have complexes or are lost in their own lives. Honestly, most of social media is a farcical mess.

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I am 4’11 and wear a size 6 in shoes. Yes, I am relatively tiny. I am the shortest person in my family and am fairly certain that I have the smallest feet. Both attributes make shopping a little interesting as I have a large booty and finding short pants that fit over large donks is difficult but finding shoes tends to be a breeze. I can literally go down to a kid size five if I really want a particular shoe and it comes in handy when shopping for sneakers. Tip: Getting sneakers in kid sizes tends to mean that you can get the shoe for cheaper. #winning *Note: I’m wearing heels in all these pictures!

Fall is my favorite season. I live for Fall. The sweaters, scarves, hats, pumpkin flavored life, HALLOWEEN. I LOVE FALL. It is just something about the way it feels outside. The way the light hits the Earth. The smell. The colors. It’s amazingly beautiful. I am a bit miffed that with things going on in my life I have not been able to fully enjoy the season this year and it is even more dreadful that Thanksgiving is next week, so Fall is basically dead afterwards. You know, because Christmas comes in and kills it. It hurts me, but I will enjoy what is left of my Fall.

I am really funny, like extremely freaking funny and I’m pretty sure I inherited it from my Dad. He’s a pretty funny guy. I have a way with snappy comebacks that could rival any comedian. People expect to laugh and smile around me and that makes me super happy.

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Red is my favorite color. Red is representative of all that is me. Passion. Fire. Intensity. Bold. Bright. Beautiful. Red is hands down the most amazing color on the spectrum. I LOVE RED. In fact, I am currently writing this post sitting on red bed sheets.  My first car was red. I have owned three red phones. I have more red lipsticks in my lippie collection than any other color. My hair is red. Red is EVERYTHING. I promise if something is marketed in red there is a 92.937458% chance that I will buy it. I guess the overall premise is that I really like the color red.

So there you have it! Ten things about me. They weren’t necessarily earth shattering, but they do give a glimpse into who I am and why I do some of the things I do. You can also learn more by reading this lovely post  http://thedominiquenicole.com/2017/08/31/who-is-dominique-nicole-2/

Are you also obsessed with anything on my list? Leave a comment and let me know what we have in common!