Product Critique #2: Molr Carbon + Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder

Sparkling smiles are all the rage. At present we are in the thick of the holiday season (and there is nothing worse than seeing folks you haven’t seem I’m a while with a dingy smile) but sparkling teeth are in any time of year. I recently came into the knowledge of Molr Dental Club Carbon and Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder and Toothbrush and my smile is much better for it!

About the product.

The Carbon and Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder is made from a brand specific blend of organic coconut shell activated charcoal. The powder is 100% natural, medical grade activated charcoal which can be useful in whitening your smile and detoxing your mouth and gums.

How it works?

According to the the site “Activated charcoal from coconut shells is ground into a fine powder. When you brush with this powder it acts like tiny little sponges to absorb and attract stain off of your teeth through a process called adsorption (it’s Science).”

How to use?

According to the site you should wet your toothbrush and then dip the brush into the powder. Brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes as normal and go on about your life.

I personally will not ever stick my toothbrush into a jar of anything, I do not care that I’m the only one using it…. that’s a no.

How I use the product: brush my teeth with my preferred toothpaste of the day, use a spoon to sprinkle powder in the included toothbrush, brush my teeth as normal and get a dazzling smile.

My thoughts on the product

Pros :

The product does indeed make your teeth sparkle! I feel like my smile has become even more dazzling since I incorporated this product into my regimen. I use the powder about 3 times a week.

It is a natural product. With all the junk and chemicals that they pump into our beauty products and food it’s nice to have a natural teeth whitening product that really works. It doesn’t make your teeth sensitive after use like bleaching gels and such have the tendency to do.


Leaves a little bit of an aftertaste. Once I rinse the charcoal out of my mouth I always go back in with my regular toothbrush to add the minty feel back into my mouth. This is a must for me, other wise my mouth doesn’t feel as clean as it looks.

It’s a little messy. Getting it on the brush can be a tedious task. As stated earlier, it is recommended that you dip the toothbrush into the powder but I find that to just be disgusting. I use a silver teaspoon to sprinkle the powder onto the brush. It will also get all over your sink and whenever you use it you will need to completely wipe your sink down.


I recommend the Molr Dental Club Carbon and Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder and Toothbrush set. It has quickly become one of my favorite products that I’ve received in my FabFitFun subscription box (to read more about my favorite things click here.) The clean up is a bit annoying but the payoff of the dazzling smile is worth it. You can purchase the product here. It comes with a two month supply of powder and a toothbrush for $43.95. Are you ready for a sparkling smile?

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