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Hiya! Welcome to my new blog series: Almost a Bride. Now I know that you’re expecting me to say that I just recently got engaged and now I’m on a path of all things bridal… but that isn’t exactly the case. 

My partner and I are actually pre planning the wedding before the official engagement. We’ve been talking about wedding plans for almost a year now so it only seems wise to start laying down some solid plans. The wonderful idea to blog about it came to me one morning in the shower.

I said to myself “Self.”

And myself said “Huh?”

“Wouldn’t it be great to blog about all of the wedding planning and ideas?” I started. “I mean the love of wedding planning has been there since we were young, we love to keep on top of all the wedding trends, and it is becoming increasingly popular for couples to pre plan together. We might as well talk about it.”

Myself said “Girl that sounds like a great idea.”

And that my friends is how the Almost a Bride series was born.

Why are we planning before the official engagement?

Pre engagement wedding planning is a fairly normal process. Most women I know have Pinterest boards just for their own interest. They also shared those boards with their partners. It’s evident by the rise in surprise engagements turned wedding that pre engagement wedding planning is the new normal. Here are the reasons we are choosing to do so. 

It gives me a creative outlet

 I’ve been helping plan weddings since I was a little girl. My family owns a bridal business ands we’ve also owned a separate catering company that tended to be booked mostly for weddings. Wedding coordination is a passion of mine, yet in this entitled world we live in I highly doubt that I could ever work as a wedding planner. So getting a jump on planning my impending nuptials not only gives me an outlet it helps in overall organization for an time consuming and stressful event.

Pre-planning will help my career

In November of 2017 I was let go from my job. Since then I have been working on blogging and just figuring out the nest steps in my life. In the time frame from then to now I have:

Started a book

Started the application process for my Master’s Degree 

Become a partner in a business

Become a freelancer for another business

Started studying to become a Social Media Manager

And that’s all on top of life and managing my blog and social media presence. Needless to say that it’s a lot and I know one thing for sure: I WILL LOSE FOCUS ONCE I GET ENGAGED. I’ve seen those people. The one’s taking and/or making calls about wedding preparations, spending work time scrolling the The Knot and They at least have the luxury of doing is someone else’s dime. I work for myself so loosing momentum by being hugely distracted by a wedding would not be conducive to me. It might actually drive me flipping crazy. So its best to do it now and make it a part of my blogging experience. Two birds, one gigantic stone. I want to be a bride, just not at the expense of my business. 

To learn more about my goals check out 31 before 32: 31st Year Bucket List

Cost effective/Generating a budget

Many people dive into getting married and they don’t really think about the cost. The average wedding in America is northward of $25,000 and that’s if you’re playing it cool. Deciding on our venue, theme, food choices, bridal party size, attire and many other things now provides us with the opportunity to analyze our budget upfront and control expenses. It’s much harder when you are in the thick of your engagement, everyone is asking for details and you didn’t bother to do any real research beside saving pins on Pinterest to reign in your wedding budget.

I want a short engagement

I know there are loads of folks who are comfortable with long engagements but that it simply not me. 6-8 months after I say “yes” we need to be getting married. I. AIN’T. WAITING. NO. YEAR +. I’m not doing it. Being mostly to fully prepared allows me to hand all the details off to my coordinator and her team to get the show on the road as quickly as possible. I’m just keeping it real.

The Almost a Bride series will cover all aspects of the wedding planning process along with insights on what I’m choosing to do for my wedding. Obviously all details won’t be revealed until after the big day but it will be fun to discuss the choices with you all. I can’t wait to see the final result.

Have you started pre planning your wedding? If you’re already married did you and your spouse start the process before the official engagement?

Until next time,

Dominique Nicole

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  1. Shi says:

    Planning on advance is a necessity! Life WILL happen. You WILL be distracted. Seize every opportunity! You go girl!

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