Meghan Markel vs Kate Middleton

Why I’m tired of the royal comparisons


The Royal Wedding is a mere few weeks away. The invitations have been sent out, the cake flavor has been decided and we still don’t know whether the Trumps or Obamas are heading across the pond for the nuptials. What we do know is that there is a never-ending surplus of articles comparing Meghan Markle to Kate Middleton and its… well race baiting, anti-woman and jingoistic.

The Irony

Believe me, I understand the irony that I’m writing another article about Markle, Middleton and the royal wedding but I just have to say this: Meghan Markle is her own woman. Every article is scrutinizing her, picking at her relationship with the Queen, picking at her relationship to Kate, comparing her (looks, actions, wardrobes, body language, etc) to Kate, picking at her bucking tradition and its like…. Why?!

The tone of it all

Let’s be honest. Most of the scrutiny is because Meghan is an American, multi-racial, divorced actress that is soon to be a British princess. Minds blown. Feathers ruffled. Panties in a twist. When the announcement was made I sort of had a Princess Diaries, Mia Thermopolis vision of how this was going to go down. Articles talking about transatlantic, multi-racial, finding love in a hopeless place kind pieces that made one believe in love again. (Obviously from my writing I have all the feels about love, but you know, for those bitter folks out there). 

Instead we have click bait articles that in someone juxtapose all of Markel’s actions in a rather…commoner disrupting the royals and making trouble kind of way. Recent headlines have encompassed:

  • Whether or not the Queen likes Meghan
  • Will Meghan and Kate be BFFs
  • Is there tension between the royals?
  • The trick that Meghan used to the get Prince Phillip to like her
  • Looks like Meghan Markel is taking a page from Kate Middleton’s style book.
  • Meghan Markel reportedly not trying to upstage future Queen Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding gown

Now, before I get started from what I do know of Kate Middleton she is an amazing woman, but she is not the end all be all prototype on how to be a woman; and I reckon that she has no desire to be.

These articles are extremely problematic

However, these headlines are garbage. Flat out garbage. Why are these writers promoting unfounded competition between these two women? They are pitted against each other in almost every article. The comparisons are endless and its pointless because they are not the same. They experienced different lives, grew up in different parts of the world and made different choices in life. There is no competition because they are both strong willed women who will now be sisters and happen to be royal.

Meghan also does not need to be (and hopefully will not be) styled in Kate Middleton’s image. There is no reason for her to need to lose her individuality because she is becoming royal. Yes, there are royal protocols that she will need to adhere to but this is a grown woman, who I’m sure, they are not expecting to change everything about herself. As an aside, the headlines that she is trying to make sure that her dress doesn’t outside Kate Middleton’s… I really hope that is complete bollocks because Middleton already had her day. If she wanted a more elaborate dress she should have picked one. She knew she was marrying the future King of England when it happened. It would be a complete load of crap if they expected this woman to pick a dress with consideration to a wedding that happened almost 7 years ago.

Stop the madness

Hey media! You are relegating this woman this strong ass woman to the sidelines of her own life as a royal want to be when she just wants to marry the man she loves and have babies. Not to mention that y’all are pretty trash for engaging this family drama and allowing them to come and be correspondents for the wedding. Trash. 

I essence, please write better articles that focus on Meghan Markel, the excitement of her big day and the start of her new life. The crown has shown that they are indeed trying to become more progressive and I mean…Harry is not the cleanest and most proper fella around. I’m sure that they knew he was going to pick someone that danced to the beat of their own drum and they were ok with it. Stop promoting, what I am sure is, unfounded competition between these two women. They look perfectly comfortable with exactly who they are, and you should be too.

What do you think about all the comparisons between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton?

Until next time,

Dominique Nicole