Tarotscope: September 2019

Welcome to the first monthly Tarotscope on thedominiquenicole.com ! These monthly card pulls for your sign will look at what energies will be prevalent for your sun sign for a full month period. These cards will also take into account the prevalent zodiac energy of the month as well. Tarotscope is an alternative to horoscopes that take into account the energy of the cards along with the energy of the stars,

During the month of September we will mostly be dealing with Virgo energy. Virgo is the sign of the maiden and her time lasts from August 23 through September 22, wrapping up our summer season. During the season of the maiden energy focuses on control, purification, and organization. Virgo season is the perfect time to get your life together, get your finances under control, and even evaluate your five year plan. This time helps us to maintain a sense of efficiency and conduct in our physical realities. Be careful of going to extremes and being stifled by the need to be perfect. Perfectionism is a myth. No one, ever, is perfect.

This month’s taroscope will feature the Isis Oracle Deck. This deck is by Alana Fairchild and it is very powerful in healing energy. This deck was chosen as Virgo season is about helping us wrap up our lessons from the summer and prepare ourselves for the fall. Fall is all about letting the issues that no longer serve us fall away and the only way we can truly do that is to clean energetic house and heal during the summer season. If you’re looking to purchase this deck you can do so here. *Not a sponsored link.*

Overall Energy: Truths Unveiled

Truths Unveiled Oracle Card - tarotscope
Truths Unveiled

The overall energy for this month’s tarotscope is mental clarity. We’ve been dealing with a lot of pomp and circumstance as we’ve been enjoying the summer and recently exiting Leo season. Things that were popping during this last season may be beginning to not look so well as we move into more serious and focused energy.

Summer flings may be drawing to a close; summer freedom freedom may be winding down as we prepare for fall and all the activities it brings. Some of you may find yourself pregnant as #HotGirlSummer popped off a little to well (sips tea). However all is well because we are focusing our energy in new and positive directions.

There will be changes happening in career, finances and relationships very strongly during this time. We will be led to make changes and cut out the foolishness stat no longer serves as we look to what is best for our futures. As the foliage begins to die soo much the untruths that we have carried with us. Truths are being revealed to provide clarity. These changes will start to appear slowly but will increase as we move towards the autumn equinox on September 22nd. We need to clean house as we head into the season of introspection.

Aries: Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

Goddess of Ten Thousand Names Oracle Card - tarotscope
Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

Dear Aries. Your tarotscope for the month is all about releasing what no longer serves you so that you can be free to be yourself. You no longer need to hold on to the ideals of others and how they think you should be. Step beyond your role as a parent, spouse, employee, friend, etc and embrace all that your soul calls you to be at this time. You may feel a little stuck or even lost on how to step out of the boxes that other people have placed you in. Guided meditation would be useful for you this month. Get in touch your ancestors, the universal consciousness or whatever you attune to. Your soul knows the way and assistance is already with you. You just need to ask for help.


Think before you act in any regard. Virgo season is the perfect time for you to practice creating meticulous actionable plans… so have several seats and make one before you go flying by the seat of your pants Aries. Clarity of thought and action will help you during this season.

Taurus: Initiation

Initiation Oracle Card - tarotscope

Hey there Taurus. It looks like this is a season of great change for you dear bull. Now we know that you don’t do well with change but Virgo season is asking you to look at what you’ve been neglecting in your life. What are you failing to work through? Where have you been challenged in your day to day? Where do you feel stuck in your healing process? It’s time for you to look at these aspects, make a plan, and move forward with much needed healing.

These issues that need attention could be from recent years or could be from childhood. The point right now is that they need your attention. You are being initiated into new levels of your life but you will not be able to ascend until you first face these demons that you are not willing to deal with. Work on you but be gentle with yourself as you clean up your mental clutter.


This month’s tarotscope is telling you to be comfortable with your new beginnings.Stop being so stubborn. Transformation is yours and the universe is supporting you right now. Your challenges will not break you. Virgo is all about actionable plans and a plan for your healing is necessary. Look into your mental and emotional health. Sign up for counseling or therapy.

Gemini: Enter the Chamber of Healing

Enter the Chamber of Healing Oracle Card - tarotscope
Enter the Chamber of Healing

Gemini, your gift this season is healing. It’s time for you to clean up those festering emotional wounds and let them heal properly. These wounds may be from things that have been done to you or what you have done to others. Either way it is time to address these issues. You may not feel like you deserve release from these self imposed prisons Gemini, but you do. Connecting with yourself and your trauma will be very important for you during this time. As we enter fall, the season of death and release, it is imperative that you allow past pains to die away. You are deserving of freedom from your agony. Open up your arms and accept the healing that is coming your way.


With the assistance of the Virgo energy take the time to write out your busy thoughts daily Gemini. Putting your thoughts on paper leaves room for you to process the thoughts that are buried beneath the noise. During the harvest full moon on September 13th make it a point to release the pains of your past. Make a list of all that has harmed you ( or all the harm you have caused) and burn it under the moonlight, freeing yourself from the bondage. Put this tarotscope to good use and heal.

Cancer: Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval Oracle Card - tarotscope
Soul Retrieval

Cancer your tarotscope for the month has you in for a period of healing and restoration. My watery friend you have been through a lot and being so in tune with your emotions causes you to feel damage from the outside world more intensely than others. Oftentimes you give of yourself until you almost seem to run out of steam. Wether its in regards to work, school, relationships or the simple ins and outs of life small bits and pieces of you seem to more frequently than you would like. This Virgo season is asking you to take back those parts of yourself. Be selfish with your time as you bring order back into your life. As the saying goes “ you can’t pour from an empty cup” and your cup has been empty far too long Cancer.


Both the full and the new moon will be vital to you this month. Use the full moon on September 13th to release patterns of codependency. Often the cause of us having poor boundaries is due to codependent behaviors. We need to feel needed and loved. This full moon realize that you don’t have to be dependent on anyone and you are whole within yourself. Partake in a cord cutting ceremony to release the energies of others so they no longer crowd your auric field. Use the new moon on September 28th to call those lost pieces of yourself home. Come up with a list of boundaries that you will enforce so that you can keep your soul intact. This will help restore your sense of inner clarity.

Leo: High Priestess

High Priestess Oracle Card
High Priestess

Fresh off your season Leo you will be gaining clarity on your life. Did you do too much partying during your birthday month and now you must face the proverbial music? Or are you starting to see that some situations aren’t as golden as they seem? At this time Virgo season is literally gifting you clarity and insight into your life. With Venus also being in Virgo for a portion of this month it could be in regards to your love life. Are you needing to remove the fuckboi with the bazillion red flags?

This time of clarity seems to think that something is up for you. This clarity can also come in the form of realizing that though have a fitness routine that is no longer working for you. You deciding to have that much needed conversation with your boos. Or even realizing that your home environment is no longer conducive to where you are in your life. Whatever is being unveiled to you is exactly what you need so do not be afraid of the truth might lion. You will leave the situation with much needed clarity, resolve, and direction.


This would be a great month for you to do some candle work. Grab a blue candle peace and a white candle for protection of your magical work. Cleanse your candle with herbal smoke, water, or under the moonlight. Afterward you will anoint your candle with oil and your intentions. Rub the candle in an upward motion as you think about the clarity you want to bring into your life. DO NOT rub the candle in a downward motion as this will cause the opposite of what you desire. Anoint your white protection candle with oil as well and charge to with the intention to protect your work and bless you for the highest good of ourself and all involved. Now light your candle and place in a clear space where there will be no interference. Stay with your candle and visualize attaining your desires.

Virgo: The Dark Healing Chamber

The Dark Healing Chamber Oracle Card
The Dark Healing Chamber

Virgo it is your season so that means that all eyes are on you. Deep elations and organization of the soul are in the cards for you. It is time to dive deep and turn that hypercritical eye upon yourself to flesh out what needs to be healed in your life. What you resist persists dear Virgo and trying to fix others instead of yourself will not help you. Right now you are being called to asses anything you disapprove of, externally or internally, and see what needs to be healed and what needs to be released. What is serving you and what is weighing you down? Use your energy on taking mental and emotional inventory of your life. Look at the darkness and see what you can learn from it. Remember, even our greatest “enemies” can teach us valuable lessons. Go within.


Virgo this would be a great time for you to really get into guided mediation. This will allow you to experience your blind spots, to experience your shadow and bring forth what has been holding you back. Meditations that specifically address childhood trauma, your inner voice, and self love would be best.

Libra: Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny Oracle Card
Divine Destiny

Libra! Your path may currently look difficult but you are on the pathway to success my friend. No path is easy. We often find ourselves facing many setbacks, difficulties, and downright failures but your time has come. If things have not been breaking your way in your relationships, work, or school life dig deep and find the inner courage to ask for what you need and want to be fulfilled.

Virgo season is asking you to take charge of your life mind use a discerning eye to empower yourself to go for what’s yours. You need a raise at work or are simply ready to manifest a change in your career? Do that! IS your relationship lacking in the sexual department? Your communication not on point? Tell your partner! Are you lacking in accomplishing your 2019 goals and the panic of it being almost 2020 kicking your behind? Move! The warrior within is ready to assist you to get what you want. Tap into her! Your destiny awaits.


If you are not practicing daily grounding already now would be a great time to start. Grounding will help you become centered and focused on your wants and needs. The act of grounding your energy will presence you in the now moment, help alleviate stress, and allow you to move forward in tandem with your inner warrior to accomplish your goals. Grounding can be as simple as walking on the earth barefoot, hugging a tree or as intense as a grounding cord meditation. Do it however you choose. Just do it.

Scorpio: Flower of Life

Flower of Life Oracle Card
Flower of Life

Scorpio! You are blossoming right now hunty! You are entering a fertile period in your life which makes sense as we hurtle towards the season where you take center stage. This month we move into fall where things peak and gracefully die off to make way for something new. This is your time to shine and create a world rich with color. This is a time for you to get creative. How are you adding creativity to your life?

Virgo season is asking you to get creative. In what ways can you let your creative juices flow? Are you a master baker? Do you make fantastic beats? Are you an accounting guru? Do you have a witchy green thumb? Are you a beacon of hope and change in your community? You have creative powers! Discover them. You currently have the power to manifest whatever you would like out of life. Get to it! Don’t resist the changes in your life as they are here to make you better.


Aptitude testing galore would be great for you. This is a month for you to discover what you do and don’t like so that you can fuel your growth. Figure out your love language, take a strengths finder test, discover your attachment style, take an actual aptitude test. Dig deep so that you can find where you really shine and create new possibilities.

Sagittarius: Pyramid of Light – Psychic Protection

Pyramid of Light Oracle Card

Hey there Sagittarius! I know you love flitting from place to place but right now the energy is saying that you need to slow down and protect yourself. Have you been going and going nonstop? Are you forgetting to take the time to shield yourself in the light? Do you have too many people siphoning off your energy? For busy and energetic people like yourselves this can be a very serious problem. This can present itself as inconveniences in your life such as blocks to in love, prosperity, and your very peace.

There is nothing to fear though, dear Sagittarius. During this time make a game plan for how you will protect your peace. Learn to say no if you aren’t already good at it. Sage yourself with ethically sourced sage or sage sticks made from other dried herbs. Cover yourself energetically in whatever way you see fit before leaving the house and clear yourself on the way back in. Go out and purchase a nice protection stone from your local metaphysical shop. These are all ways that you can cover yourself in the light and help gauge against psychic attack. Remember to be mindful of your own thoughts as well.


If you feel that you need to release anything attached to you in this coming season a banishing bath will do the trick. This bath is best done during the full moon. Remember that you can begging to utilize the moon’s energy three days before and three days after the moon.

Capricorn: Two Cards

Lady of the Stars Oracle Card
Lady of the Stars

Lady of the Stars – My dear Capricorns! You have received two cards this month. Should come as no surprises as you are the heavy lifters of the zodiac. Big changes are happening on a spiritual level for you Capricorn. You’ve been putting in so much work in the physical real and the heavens are now responding. You may have been asking for financial and/or emotional release and now that energy is aligning to give you exactly what you hope for. Virgo season is asking you to continue the work. Keep meditating, keep chanting, keep visualizing. Continue to do whatever practices are raising your vibration. This is quickly moving you towards the best possible outcome of your life. The shifts are happening. They may be small at first and it will require you to pay attention, but they are happening! Press on.

Ancient Power Mysteries Oracle Card
Ancient Power Mysteries

Ancient Power Mysteries – Your second card, Capricorn, ties in ever so nicely. Your voice is a powerful instrument. You are a masterful co-creator and the universe is asking you to use that gifting right now. Honor your voice. Speak out on any issue that has been bothering you because your liberation lies in your voice! Job pissing you off? Speak on it. Relationship problems? Speak over it. Looking for direction in your life? Speak to it. Your powerful tongue and your high vibration are allowing you to create the life you desire this season.


Utilize Virgo energy and read books on empowerment. Expand your knowledge of your own self worth and how powerful you are. Create a list of mantras that you utilize everyday. This will help you to construct the life that you are trying to live. Stay steadfast in the pursuit of your goals. Create a vision board and speak out loud daily about your success. This is your month Capricorn!

Aquarius: Knot of Isis

Knot of Isis Oracle Card
Knot of Isis

Aquarius! September is calling you to work on your relationship with the Divine, however that looks for you. You have a special relationship with the heavens and this imbues you with the power you need to continue on your journey through life. With this relationship you are given the ability to call in power, protection, and abundance into your life. Not only that, but you were called her for a purpose. There is very important work that you need to be about while you are here on this earth. Are you walking in your divine purpose? If not, now is the time to begin to figure out what that is. Take time to yourself this month to figure out what it is you are doing and where it is that you are going in your life.


This month would be a great time to work on your prayer and meditation life. If seems that you need clarity in calling in your power and working on your earthly mission. Speak to whomever calls to your soul wether that is the universe, a deity of your choosing or your own ancestors. They will help guide you onto your divine path. They are here to assist you and are looking to empower you.

Pisces: Pillar of Light

Pillar of light oracle card.
Pillar of Light

Pisces you you’ll be the sign that needed up with a poem. This poem is deep though and it is asking you to exist in a space that is consistently in the light. Transmuting all that is shadow or darkness so that nothing but unconditional love remains. That sounds like a large task but if anyone in the zodiac can handle that I do believe its you with your dreamy ways. You taking the time to see the best in situations will ultimately bring you an abundance of blessings and peace as you shine a bright light unto the world. Let this Virgo energy show you where you have been falling short of expressing unconditional love and use that as a guide to love more openly and freely.


While this month is all about unconditional love for you dear Pisces do practice with reason. Do not let yourself become bogged down with other peoples’ issues. Be careful of wear you tread because many negative forces are also attracted to the light of unconditional love. Make sure that you protect yourself in all your comings and goings. Be safe and let your divine higher knowing lead the way. Your tarotscope is a positive one. Don’t let the opportunity slip away.

This has been your tarotscope for the month! As I said before, the monthly tarotscope is something new that I’m trying out on the site so please feel free to drop a comment and let me know how the cards resonated with you, what I can do to make the content more fluid, or any deck recommendations you may have. The tarotscope is for a general audience so if you are looking for more specific information you can book me at dominiquenicole@thedominiquenicole.com.

*Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Copyright Dominique Nicole LLC 2019*