Dominique Nicole: Who is she?

Dominique Nicole hails from the great state of Texas. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas she is a true Southern Belle at heart. Dominique began writing at a very young age, penning her own spoken word pieces to perform in oratory contest at the age of seven.

As an only child for many years Dominique spent many years crafting stories in her free time to entertain herself. When she wasn’t writing she was reading, as literature has always been a great comfort to her. A respite from the harsh realities of life, you might say. Being an avid reader Nicole developed a healthy love of romanticism and an active imagination. A perfect combination for literary genius.

In high school Dominique Nicole excelled in writing being published in the Senior Writing Anthology: Reflections. She was also the head of the PR and Marketing Department for Duncanville’s first Relay for Life.

Dominique went on to graduate from Baylor University during the Spring of 2010 with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Philosophy.

Dominique Nicole is currently working on a plethora of projects to include:, a children’s book and a comedic memoir. She hopes to add vlogging and a podcast to her list of projects soon.

She is currently residing in Dallas, TX. In her free time she enjoys cooking, drinking wine, singing and shoe shopping.  Spending a God awful amount of time (and money) at Target is her true profession. Date nights with her wonderful significant other is her respite from the craziness. And being the cat mom to one Alexander Hamilton Jenkins and Thomas Jefferson Jenkins is an amazing bright spot in her life. 

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